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Jewish and Immigration Research

Introduction to Jewish Genealogy or
     Why is This Genealogy Different from All Other…?

A question often asked is “Why is genealogy important to me?”  After understanding the personal value of connecting with our roots, we will explore what is unique about Jewish genealogy, what information we are looking for, and how to get started.  The rewards of this effort are many, lasting a lifetime and beyond. 

On-Line Resources for Jewish Genealogy in Chicagoland

This presentation provides an overview of all records and resources that are useful to the Jewish researchers in search of their Chicago roots. We begin with a brief history of the Jews of Chicago. The seminar mostly concentrates on the uniquely Jewish resources such as cemeteries, funeral homes, life in Jewish Chicago which includes online publications which are searchable. It also covers the naturalization process, location/residence records, and legal documents including wills and probate files.


Finding Your Immigrant Ancestors' Arrival Records Online

When the Ellis Island database went online in 2001, we entered a new generation in searching for our ancestors’ arrival records. Additional ports including Baltimore, Boston, New Orleans, Philadelphia, San Francisco, Galveston, and Castle Garden have been made available to genealogists around the world via the internet. This lecture provides the basics for searching these databases using case studies to illustrate various techniques.


Finding Your European Ancestor's Hometown

If your European ancestor arrived in the United States in the last 100 years, you can find their hometown using commonly available records. This
 presentation reviews where to find the information and the tricks of going from one record to the next to solve this mystery. Case studies are used to
 demonstrate how to use the records and some of the possible traps to avoid.


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