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Write Your Family History NOW!

We genealogists are very good at doing research and collecting many facts about our families.  For any of a number of reasons, however, most of us delay publishing the results of this research. Mike Karsen shows how you can publish your findings in books that vary from a simple 30 pages to one that contains detailed biographies and places your family in historical context.  Your goal should be to organize your findings and share them with your family as soon as possible. 

Preserve Your Ancestor's Legacy: Write Their Life Story

In this unique presentation, Mike Karsen walks the audience through the process of preserving the memories of departed loved ones. Where genealogy meets family history, this presentation explores the elements of putting together an individual’s life story. Framed against the backdrop of historical context, these elements begin with collecting the information and various formats and styles available to each author. These efforts result in written portraits of our ancestors that bring them back to life for future generations to know and cherish.

Liven Up Your Family History with Images

Family histories can contain phenomenal research with every event documented and sourced with precision but yet no one is interested in reading it. This is because they need to be more than just names and dates, they need to be vehicles for “Time Travel” taking us back to the days when our grandparents and great-grandparents lived and raised their families. These images to bring them to life and make the story real. This presentation illustrates how to “liven up” your family history with images of people, places, and events that will make the reader keep flipping the pages to be drawn back in time.



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